• Day Tickets are available on the board by the parking facilities
• Please take a ticket out of the envelope ant tear it in two halves
• Place one half into envelope with your payment and place it in the post box
• Retain the other half of the ticket as your proof of payment
• If you do not have a valid ticket you will be asked to leave


1. Any person fishing must be in possession of a current NRA licence
2. No more than two rods to be used at any one time
3. No rods to be left unattended
4. No keep nets to be used
5. No carp sacks to be used
6. All landing nets must be dipped before use
7. Unhooking mats must be used at all times
8. Barbless hooks only to be used
9. No ground bait to be used
10. No Lines, hook links under 4lbs. breaking strain
11. No boilies, peanuts, nuts etc. to be used
12. Do not throw in excess ground bait after fishing
13. No fires to be lit on the fishery
14. No rubbish to be left on the banks – please use the bins provided
15. No vegetation to be cut down on the banks
16. No fixed bolt keep nets to be used
17. Night fishing – by arrangement
18. Cars parked in the fishery car park are entirely at owners risk

The rules above are here to help maintain the condition of the fish & fishery, please do not ignore them.

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